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  • AICDA qualifications are designed in response to employers’ demands.
  • Employers can add more suitably skilled workforce – all AICDA qualifications are designed and approved by industry experienced Qualified Accountants as robust and fit for purpose.
  • Employers can attract and retain employees by being able to offer our practically proved and recognised qualifications, to those who already have AAT, ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW which inspires further progression in accounting profession through the company.
  • Employers can take advantage from a flexible qualifications system – they can shape training around their business needs using relevant job role AICDA well-designed units.
  • Employers can fully understand AICDA qualifications more easily while just looking at each qualification title which reflect clearly each accounting job role. – all AICDA qualifications have straightforward titles that describe how long each unit takes to complete, its difficulty and its subject matter, to give a clearer idea of employees skills.